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Custom Quote Forms are so we can make this a little easier on you. It takes the hassle out of getting what you really want, the numbers. Rest assured at American Western Steel we have the lowest prices of our competitors and will treat your project like it was our own. We just need you to fill out a few simple questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Thank You!


Utilizing our online custom quote form can save you quick time and money. We understand the hassles of dealing with having to fill out paperwork and we want to simplify it all for you.

American Western Steel is the best choice for all turnkey steel construction in Houston. Our rates are 100% competitive and we can guarantee a completely perfect construction job. If you're ready to start up a project today, contact us immediately! We're ready to provide the quality and satisfaction you deserve.

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We will make this process easy for you. After requesting a custom quote, within 24 hours you will have all of the information you need from us to start your construction. It's great to find a company that wants to work for YOU, and that's what we provide.

If you have been considering quality turnkey steel construction, then you have come to the right place. Here at American Western Steel, we put 110% into all of our work.

Our company works alongside local Texas metal shops and machining companies all over Houston. You know you're getting solid Texas crafted building with us. Forget the other companies that want to sell you a foreign underpaid product.

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If you are ready for top-notch quality steel construction, feel free to call us any time.

Fill out the form above to request a custom quote, or just give our friendly staff a call at (713) 550-4792.