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Dallas Metal Building Contractors

Dallas Steel Buildings by American Western Steel

When it comes to steel buildings, it doesn't matter if your are building a home, garage, work shop, commercial warehouse, or an entire strip center, we can design the perfect metal building for you. Metal buildings are extremely popular in the agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. This is because of their low cost and versatility. With metal buildings, you are able to design exactly what you want, and with a little creativity, it can look pretty cool. We have Dallas metal building professionals ready to speak with you about your project. Give us a call today and let's build your dream! 

Dallas Commercial Steel Buildings

Dallas Commercial Steel Building Contractors

At American Western Steel, our commercial steel buildings have it all. Contact our professional staff and let us custom design your next project. We know how to save you time and money with commercial steel buildings vs other building methods. Rather building for your own business or to lease out, commercial steel buildings are by far the best choice for quick construction and staying budget friendly. 

Dallas Crane Buildings

Crane Buildings Contractors in Dallas, Texas

Is your company looking for a metal building that can accommodate cranes? At American Western Steel we custom construct steel buildings solely for cranes. Depending on the type of overhead crane you will be using, we can design independent crane systems for the building or build the cranes rails directly into the building. The versatility of our prefabricated buildings allows bridge crane up to 50' wide. If you need larger, we can accommodate that as well. In addition to the metal building, we can provide the crane. We custom build crane systems in house. 

Business Warehouses

Business Warehouse Contractors serving Dallas and Fort worth.

When it comes to commercial warehouse parks, the preferred method of construction has become steel buildings. The low cost and high efficiency of metal building construction is a property owner's gym. This is because buildings can easily be thrown up, allowing the tenants to complete the build out on their budget. In addition to the low cost of business warehouses, the versatility of curb appeal is also a major benefit. They are easy to enhance, looking professional, by just throwing on a parapet, stone faced, and/or other attractive features. There is a reason why everywhere you look another metal building business park is going up, they are the crowd favorite. Give us a call today to start your project.