Our Prefab Steel Construction Gallery

Here are just a few concepts of the prefab steel construction work that we do at American Western steel. We produce prefabricated steel buildings for any purpose you can think of for the Houston and San Antonio greater areas.

Anywhere from storage units to warehouses to churches even. If you have an idea, then we'll help you design it and bring it to be a reality from start to finish.


We're Here For The Best In Steel

Bringing you the best from Houston prefab steel buildings to full size concrete erector structures. American Western Steel is ready to work for you. We're the leaders in American prefab steel construction.

Our project list consists of hundreds of prefab steel buildings set up for almost every imaginable purpose, and all over the state of Texas and more!

Ready To Get Started

If you're interested in learning more about prefab steel construction, or would like to start up a project, just call today! We'd be more than happy to get you a quote for any size prefab steel construction.